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In Germany alone, around 2,500 mainly small and medium sized companies provide hardware, software and other services in different parts of the value chain in 3D – technology (Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology 2012). This includes 3D Capture, 3D Measurement and Services in CAD and Simulation, as well as in Rapid Manufacturing and in Rapid Prototyping.

HD Vision Systems pushes the technology forward to close the gap between expensive 3D scanners and services and the need for high-performance systems for consumers. We currently offer two types of scanners, the LumiScan+ and the LumiScan1. Our new technology saves significant time in modelling and post-processing. It directly generates highly accurate measurements of shape and geometry in addition to surface properties such as color, reflectivity, and surface normals of real-world, complex objects. Our software supports a wide range of file formats for inclusion into CAD, simulation, or modeling software systems. The LumiScan 3D Scanner offers customers a highly versatile system which reduces time and cost in the development, improvement and testing of products. This advantage is realized through HD Vision Systems' one-of-a-kind combination of state-of-the-art algorithms and an easy-to-use hardware set-up.

Compared to existing technologies, such as Laser triangulation or structured illumination, HD Vision Systems raises the quality of the results to a unprecedented level in optical measurement technology. The reduction in measurement complexity, the versatility of the system, and it's adaptability to a wide range of measurement objects makes it the ideal solution for future proofing its customers' businesses. HD Vision Systems gives its customers the competitive edge to measure and visualize even complex objects. It will revolutionize markets, currently relying on conventional measurement systems.

A continuous enhancement of the software and its application areas enables diversification of the product range as well as expansion into other markets.